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 Version 5

Legacy documentation for PageSeeder v5

create group

/members/{member}/groups/create [POST]


Creates a group.

This service is now deprecated, use service /members/{member}/groups [POST] instead.


descriptionDescription of project/groupyesstring
shortnameShortname of project/groupyesstring
ownerOwner of project/group (required if projectname not specified)maybestring
projectnameParent project name (required if project is false)maybestring
accessAccess to group and comments [public|member]nostringmember
addmemberWhether to add the current member as a managernobooleantrue
commentingWho can comment [public|reviewer|contributor]nostringpublic
commonWhether this is a common groupnobooleanfalse
createdocumentsWhether to create default documents (ignored if project=true)nobooleantrue
defaultnotifyDefault notification for new members [immediate|daily|none]nostringimmediate
defaultroleDefault role for new members [reviewer|contributor]nostringreviewer
detailstypeThe name of the member details config filenostring
messageSubscription messagenostring
moderationWhich comments are to be moderated [reviewer|email|all]nostringreviewer
registrationSelf-registration method [normal|moderated|confirmed]nostringnormal
relatedurlURL of a related websitenostring
templateThe template folder for customisationsnostring
visibilityGroup name this is visible to or publicnostring[projectname-shortname]



Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x110COne of the parameters is invalid
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