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 Version 5

Legacy documentation for PageSeeder v5

convert documenttypes to psml

/groups/{group}/documenttypes/converttopsml [POST]


Convert document types to PSML.

This service is not part of the public API. It is used to convert legacy configurations of PageSeeder and might be removed in future version of PageSeeder

Converts PS Standard config files for each document type to the following PSML config files:

  • psml/[type]/document-config.xml
  • psml/[type]/document-template.psml
  • psml/[type]/editor-config.json


No parameters required.


This service requires administrator.


The XML returned is:

    <document type="[type]" />
    <document type="[type2]" />
    <document type="[type]" />
    <document type="[type2]" />
    <document type="[type]" />
    <document type="[type2]" />
  <!-- Files and subfolders -->

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x6203Unable to generate PSML config file
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