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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Document event

An event that occurred on a document, a document fragment or a URL.

The document events are listed in the document history and represented with the <event> element.

Some document events relate to fragment also.

Event types

The following is a list of all document events.

commentYesWhen a comment is posted on a document or fragment
creationNoWhen a PSML document is created
draftYesWhen a draft is created on a fragment
editYesWhen a fragment edit is saved
imageYesAn image has been inserted in an edit
modificationNoWhen the document information (title, description, labels) has been modified
moveNoWhen the document is moved to a new location
noteYesWhen an edit note is attached to a fragment edit
structureNoWhen the structure of the document is modified, this can occur when fragments are moved or sections are created, deleted or moved within the document. Structural changes affecting sections can only occur during a document upload.
revert NoWhen a document is reverted to previous content
taskYesWhen a task is created or updated on the document
uploadNoWhen a document is updated using an upload or is received as an email attachment
versionNoWhen a new version is created
workflowNoWhen the document workflow is updated, for example, if the status of the document changes or if the document is assigned.
xrefYesWhen an xref pointing to another document or a link to a URL is created


  • If defined, the creation event is always the first event in the document history and there can only be one.
  • The draft event is removed when the author of the draft saves it as an edit. The edit event doesn’t replace the draft event – it is inserted in the history at the time of the edit with a different ID.
  • When a discussion is turned into a task, the events prior to the change are shown as comment, but subsequent events as task.
  • There is no event when an xref, link or image is removed, and the event when the xref, link or image is created remains.
  • The version event is removed if the version is deleted.
  • The revert event only applies when the whole document is reverted to previous content. When individual fragment edits are reverted, the edit event is used.
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