A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


When certain events occur on the PageSeeder server email notifications are sent to members. Who is notified and when can depend on the notify option set on the event and the member's group notification settings.

For example when a new comment is created in a group and notify is set to Normal, all the members of that group with a notification setting of Normal will receive an email notification. Members of that group with a notification setting of Daily digest or Weekly digest will receive notification of all new comments together in a single message sent daily or weekly.

Templates for notifications and messages are stored in the notification folder. See Organization customization or emails for details on how to customize the emails.

Notify options

Below are the notify options available when creating a comment, task, workflow, version, edit note, document or url event.

SilentDon't notify anyone
Minimal*Send notification to discussion authors, assigned member and depending on status to group approvers
NormalSend notification to group members
AnnounceSend notification to ALL group members regardless of their notification settings

* Discussion authors are NOT included for workflows.

Membership notification settings

Below are the notification settings available to a member for a specific group.

Announcements only (none)

Receive only special group announcements

EssentialReceive only tasks assigned to me and replies to my posts
Normal (immediate)Receive all normal new comments and tasks immediately
Daily digestEssential plus a new comment and task digest daily
Weekly digestEssential plus a new comment and task digest weekly


Notification options and settings

The table below shows how notify options and membership notification settings work together (Y = notification sent to members, N = no notification sent).

Comment/task/workflow/version/edit note/uri notify
Membership notificationSilentMinimalNormalAnnounce
Announcement only (none)NNN
Normal (immediate)NAssignee/Approvers/Authors
  • Assignee: notify the assigned member on the task step.
  • Approvers: notify all group approvers if task status is in the Status Broadcast Approvers group property.
  • Authors: notify all members that have added comments on this thread (does not apply to workflows).

The default notify options in the user interface (and for incoming email) are:

  • Silent: for versions, edit notes, multiple workflows and URIs (documents/URLs)
  • Minimal: for tasks and single workflows that have been assigned
  • Normal: for comments


Only members of the group will ever be notified.



Below is a list of PageSeeder events and how they relate to notify options.

Listed underNotificationNotify options (*=default)
EventDocument activity#Document historyCommentsTaskstemplateSilentNormalAnnounceMinimal
document creationnew-uriY*
url creationnew-uriY*
document properties modification
taskY (as comment)new-commentY*
workflowY (as comment)new-commentY*
edit draft
edit notenew-commentY*
image referenceY (as xref)
moderator to accept commentaccept-comment
mail loop detectedauto-responder
change email requestedchange-email-confirm
reset password requestedreset-password-confirm
password changedchange-password
daily notificationdaily-digest
moderator to accept membershipmembership-accept
member to confirm membershipmembership-confirm
completed membershipmembership-complete
membership and new membermembership-new-member
new membernew-member
out of office receivedout-of-office-warning
out of office sets on vacationout-of-office-change
unauthorized email receivedreject-comment

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