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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


The conventional meaning for ‘public’ refers to an external, often anonymous, community. In PageSeeder, setting to ‘public’ means you provide access to people who are NOT registered to the same group – public just means we don't check for the group membership.

A helpful rule for PageSeeder solutions is that roles filter functionality and groups filter content. Or put another way, because every group member can see all content, permission models are expressed as constraints on the ‘public’ not the ‘members’.

To control whether non-members can see documents in the group, use the Public options, under advanced options on the group configuration page.

To make the group visible to public (this doesn’t make any content visible but allows anyone with an account to request to join the group):

Group configuration – Visible to public

To allow comments added by public:

Group configuration – Comments added by public

To make comments and documents accessible to public:

Group configuration – Comments accessible by public

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