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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Document ID (or DocID)

The PageSeeder server allows any document – PSML or binary – to be assigned a server-wide, unique identifier. This value is commonly referred to as the DocID and it has the same use case for both developers and end users. That is, the DocID is an alternative method to folder path and filename for locating a document, like a primary key.

Because it is user assigned rather than automatically generated, the Document ID stays the same if the document is uploaded to a different PageSeeder server, unless manually edited or removed.

DocID can contain the following characters: [a-z][A-Z][0-9][-_]

The following is an example of PSML markup for the DocID:

<document level="portable">
    <uri docid="MDT-15" title="My Document"/>

Following are suggestions for processing DocIDs:

  • Because DocIDs are unique to the domain of the URI, they might be in use but not visible to a particular project or group. Using a project-specific prefix can qualify the IDs to ensure they are unique on the server (that is, [project-prefix]-1234).

Document info panel – Document ID

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