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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Document info

documentinfo is one of the metadata containers for a PSML document (the other is fragmentinfo). See the metadata element reference for further detail.

  • Document title
  • Document labels
  • Document ID (or DocID)
  • URI ID
  • Description – Allows for a description to be added to the document.
  • Created – The date and time the document was created.
  • Last modified – The date and time the document was last modified.
  • Filename
  • Folder
  • Permalink – A hyperlink to the folder containing the document.
  • Media type – Indicates whether this document is a PSML document, a PageSeeder comment or task, PNG, GIF or JPG image file, PDF or Word document etc.
  • Document type
  • Document status
  • Version
  • Document editing – Indicates whether or not document editing is allowed.
  • Document sharing – Indicates whether or not the document  is shared with other groups.
  • referenced by

Document info panel

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