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Generator: GetLiveServices

Class name:org.weborganic.berlioz.generator.GetLiveServices
Version:Berlioz 0.9.3 - 9 December 2011


Returns the current service configuration as XML.

This content generator is mostly useful for developers to see how the services are configured.


There is no configuration associated with this generator.


This generator does not use and require any parameter.

Returned XML

This generator contains the /WEB-INF/config/services.xml used by Berlioz to load its services.

<services version="1.0"> ... </services>

The formatting of the XML may differ from the actual files as it is parsed before being returned; the XML declaration and comments are stripped.

Error Handling

Should there be any problem parsing or reading the file, the XML returned will be:

<no-data error="[error]" details="[error-details]"/>

The error details are only shown if available.


To use this generator in Berlioz (in /WEB-INF/config/services.xml ):

<generator class="org.weborganic.berlioz.generator.GetServices"
                         name="[name]" target="[target]"/>


This generator uses a weak etag based on the name, length and last modified date of the file.

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