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Generator: GetContentFolderInfo

Class name:org.weborganic.bastille.psml.GetContentFolderInfo
Version:0.7.5 - 25 October 2012


Returns information about a folder from the PSML content folder using the specified path parameter.

The content folder is the folder named ‘content’ under the PSML root folder.

This generator is useful to provide a tree of all the files within a folder.


No configuration is required.

The root of the PSML folder can be configured using the global property bastille.psml.root, which can be either an absolute path or a relative path from the global repository.

By default, the PSML root is set to psml, which usually corresponds to the /WEB-INF/psml folder of your Web app.


This generator requires a path parameter. The path parameter must be a relative path from within the PSML content folder to a PSML file without the extension.

If the path resolves to a location outside the PSML folder, this generator won’t load the content.

Returned XML

The top level element is always the requested folder. Its child elements are either sub folders or files within that folder.

<file name="[folder name]" path="[folder path]" type="folder">
  <!-- for each sub folder ... -->
  <file name="[file name]" path="[file path]" type="folder">
    <!-- more files and subfolders  -->
  <!-- for each file ... -->
  <file name="[file name]"
        path="[file path]"
        length="[file size in bytes]"
        modified="[last modified date]"/>

Error handling

Folder does not exist

If the folder cannot be found, this generator returns the following:

<file name="[file name]" path="[base path]" status="not-found"/>

Missing path parameter

If the path parameter is not specified, this generator sets the status to BAD_REQUEST and returns the following:

<error type="client" message="The parameter 'path' was not specified"/>


<generator class="org.weborganic.bastille.psml.GetContentFolderInfo" ... >
  <parameter name="path" value="[path]"/>
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