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Generator: PredicateSearch

Class name:org.weborganic.bastille.flint.PredicateSearch
Version:0.6.20 - 26 September 2011


Performs a search using a Lucene predicate.

This generator is not designed to be used for production but can be useful during development to determine which query should be used.


This generator does not require any direct configuration but only works if an index has been configured.


This generator requires the following parameter:

predicateThe Lucene predicate to use for the query

Optional parameters include:

IndexThe name of the index to search.
It is possible to search multiple indexes at once by specifying a comma-separated list of index names.
PageThe result page, the page size is 1000 results per page

XML output

The XML output is a basic Flint query response. Search results are sorted by relevance.

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