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The following schemas express the XML that PageSeeder reads or produces.

Current schemas

Layout Manager Config 1.4XML Document Type Definition (DTD) that defines the configuration file which controls the layout manager (deprecated).
PSMLSchema for PageSeeder documents in XML Schema (XSD) and Relax format. The XSD file and Quick References can be accessed from the download area .
Upload DTD 3.0DTD that defines the structure of a message for uploading content to PageSeeder.
Word import configDefines the configuration file that controls the DOCX to PSML conversion process.
Word export configDefines the configuration file that controls the PSML to DOCX conversion process.

Experimental schemas

The following schemas are subject to change. Keep this in mind when planning your development.

Service Configuration1.0 DraftDescribes how PageSeeder services are configured
Label Configuration (see sample Label config and label data type)1.0 DraftDescribes the configuration of both object and content labels

Deprecated schemas

The following schemas have been deprecated and are listed for reference only.

Layout Configuration 1.0Described previous layout configuration
Layout Configuration 1.1Described previous layout configuration
Layout Configuration 1.2Described previous layout configuration
Document Metadata schema 1.2Defined the document metadata of PS XML documents. Replaced with PSML
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