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 Element reference

PSML elements from <author> to <xref>



Metadata at the document level.

This element is a wrapper for information about the underlying document URI, reverse cross-references and document versions.

For metadata at the fragment level see <fragmentinfo>.

Usage context

Element categorymetadata
PSML levelmetadata
Permitted content<uri> <publication> <compareto> <versions> <reversexrefs>
Permitted parent<document>
HTML equivalent<head> 
OpenXML equivalent


This element does not have any attributes.


A document without any reverse reference or version has the following document info:

  <uri> ... </uri>


XML Schema

<xs:element name="documentinfo">

      <xs:element ref="uri"/>
      <xs:element ref="publication"  minOccurs="0" />
      <xs:element ref="compareto"    minOccurs="0"/>
      <xs:element ref="versions"     minOccurs="0"/>
      <xs:element ref="reversexrefs" minOccurs="0"/>

Relax Schema

element documentinfo {
   element uri,
   element publication?,
   element compareto?,
   element versions?,
   element reversexrefs?


This element was introduced in the first draft of PSML and is well-supported from PageSeeder 5.1.

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