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PSML elements from <author> to <xref>



The note on the last notification of the fragment.

Usage context

Element categorymetadata
PSML levelmetadata
Permitted content<author><content> <labels>
Permitted parent<notes>
HTML equivalentno equivalent
OpenXML equivalent

Element <author> was added in PSML v1.3 in PageSeeder 5.9904.


This element includes the following attributes

idxs:longnoThe XLink ID of the notes
modifiedxs:dateTimenoThe creation/modification date of the notes
titlexs:stringnoThe title of the notes


The ID of the Xlink corresponding to the note.

This value is specific to the PageSeeder instance where the note was created.


The date the note was last modified. If it wasn't modified, it is the day the note was created.


The title of the note.


A sample note with a label.

<note id="6342" modified="2015-03-24T13:21:57" title="Typography">
  <author id="725362" firstname="John" surname="Smith">
    <fullname>John Smith</fullname>
  <content>Fixed typographical error.</content>


XML Schema

<xs:element name="note">
      <xs:element ref="author" minOccurs="0">
      <xs:element name="content"
      <xs:element ref="labels"

    <xs:attribute name="id" type="xs:long"/>
    <xs:attribute name="title" type="xs:string"/>
    <xs:attribute name="modified" type="xs:dateTime"/>

Relax Schema

element note {
   attribute id { xs:long },
   attribute title { text },
   attribute modified { xs:dateTime },
   element author?
   element content*,
   element labels?


This element was introduced in the first draft of PSML and is well-supported from PageSeeder 5.1.

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