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First steps in PageSeeder

Sign in to PageSeeder as an administrator and enable the developer mode. To learn about what projects and groups are in PageSeeder, read 1. Before you start.

Great, let’s get our feet wet!

Create a first project

Click the Create Project icon.


Fill out the form:


Project name

The name of the project, it prefixes all groups in that project.

There are restrictions on the characters that can be used.
DescriptionA description for the project, it appears next to the project in various pages in PageSeeder.
OwnerIs generally the same as the project name
Welcome messageThis message is sent in the welcome email that new members of this project receive upon joining.

If things work out as planned, the following screen should display after clicking on Submit.


Click the Home Page link, to go inside the newly created project. The next screen should display the project homepage.



Create the first group

Next, we need to create a group within the project.

From the project homepage, click on New Group. (or alternatively, the Create Group icon on the left hand side).


Fill out the form:


Group NameThe name of the group. The full name of the group is automatically prefixed by the name of the project.
DescriptionA description for this group. It often appears beside the group in the user interface.
Welcome MessageThis is the message that is sent by email to users who are invited to the group.

Click on Submit, to create the group:


Click the Home Page link, to go inside the newly created group. The next screen displays the group homepage.



Have a look at the big picture in 3. Overall Architecture.

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