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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Project and group names

Quick answer

Only use lowercase alpha characters, numbers (top level project name can’t start with a number), underscore (_), or tilde (~) in your project or group names. 

Complete answer

The PageSeeder architecture relies heavily on URLs. Because the project and group names express context for the URLs that represent content and functionality, it’s important the names don’t conflict with existing system URLs or the URL syntax itself. This means that:

  • Neither a project nor group name can contain the following characters:
    space, @, ?, &, #, %, +, /
  • Top level project names must start with a lowercase letter.
  • Top top level project names cannot be the following: admindefaultmemberpublic

Also, by default, the [project-group] string is part of the group email address which means these additional constraints apply:

  • Names cannot contain any character prohibited in an email address.
  • No group name can end with either ‘-silent’ or a double hyphen ‘--’ because these two strings are reserved for PageSeeder email switches.
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