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A complete reference of PageSeeder's markup language PSML



The <toc-part> element is a table of content reference in processed PSML.

When <toc-part> is generated, the first <toc> element contains a reference for all <heading> elements in the publication.

Introduced in v0.12 of the PSML schema, in PageSeeder v5.96, as a replacement for <tocref>.

Usage context

Element category
PSML levelprocessed
Permitted content<toc-part>
Permitted parent<toc-tree>
HTML equivalent
OpenXML equivalent


This element includes the following attributes:

levelxs:positiveIntegeryesThe level in the table of contents
idrefxs:stringnoReference to a heading
canonicalxs:stringnoCanonical prefix (e.g. 1.0.3, 1.1.4)
prefixxs:stringnoActual prefix (e.g. 1.3 or 1.a.iv)
titlexs:stringnoText of referenced heading


The level in the table of contents.


The reference to a heading.


The canonical prefix is computed from the position of the heading and its position in the heading hierarchy.

It is always a sequence of numbers separated by ‘.’ and is unique to the heading.


The actual prefix when the formatting rules are applied to the canonical prefix.


The text of the referenced heading.


  <toc-tree title="Specification">

    <toc-part level="1" title="Introduction" idref="123-1-1-1">

      <toc-part level="2"
                canonical="0.1." />


XML Schema


This element was introduced in the beat 12 of PSML and is supported from PageSeeder 5.96.

See also

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