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 Folders and files

A explainer on files and folders

Index files


Index files are generated by PageSeeder as part of the indexing process performed by Lucene . They include the indexes and catalogs for the indexes.

Do not modify or delete these files directly in the file system! They are modified frequently by PageSeeder and use lock files for concurrency.

As an administrator, you can clear and update indexes from the Server status > Indexing page in the system administration. You must be an administrator to manage the indexing.

See index for an explanation of how indexing works in PageSeeder.

These files can be safely backed up once the PageSeeder server has been stopped. If some index files are somehow deleted, it is safer to remove the entire folder then re-index the corresponding group.


Individual indexes are stored in folders. There are three types of indexes:

  • Group indexes – are stored in folders based on their group ID.
  • Help index – is stored in the help folder.
  • URL index – is stored in the url folder.


Catalogs are XML files that contain the field definitions used in the group indexes. They are automatically updated during the indexing process. You shouldn’t modify a catalog file.

To see the indexing catalog, go to the Administration > Indexing catalog page of your project administration. You must have the role of a project manager to view that page.

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