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 Folders and files

A explainer on files and folders

Publish files


The publish files are generated when publish scripts are run in PageSeeder. They are temporary files, don’t need to be backed up and are cleared regularly by PageSeeder processes.

They are not to be modified directly on the file system, but if disk space is an issue, they can be safely cleared when the PageSeeder server is stopped.

session folder

The session files are the output files from the publish scripts.

They are located under a sub-folder with a unique name generated for the current user and are accessed by PageSeeder when presenting the output after the publish script is completed (for example, a report or a Zip archive document to download).

Once the script is completed, the output file isn’t needed so it can in theory be removed safely, but that is not needed as a PageSeeder process is checking once a day and removing any session file/folder that was not created in the last 12 hours.

working folder

The working folder contains all the temporary files used by the publish scripts (export, process, publish or upload). Each running script has its own working folder based on the object it is running on: a group, a document or folder, an uploaded document:

  • For a group: /[host]/[group path]/ps-group
  • For a document/folder: /[host]/[path]/[ps-uri or ps-folder]
  • For an uploaded document: /[host]/ps-user/[username]/ps-upload

These are valid examples:


These working folders are always emptied before the corresponding script is run to make sure the script uses the correct data.

These files can be useful for debugging purposes and, therefore, have a longer lifespan than session files – a PageSeeder process is checking once a day and removing any working file/folder that was not created in the last three days.

They can also safely be removed manually once the publish script is completed.

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