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 Folders and files

A explainer on files and folders

Cache files


To improve both security and performance, PageSeeder stores files in the cache folder. These include image thumbnails and the system cache. There is generally no need to change these files manually.

The file organization and format of the cache files might change between releases and is handled automatically by PageSeeder.

Image thumbnails

When a user views an image, PageSeeder automatically generates a low resolution thumbnail of it to make serving the image faster.

You can safely delete files in the /WEB-INF/state/cache/thumbnail folder as they are automatically recreated by PageSeeder, but this might affect performance if your system contains a lot of images.

PageSeeder automatically deletes associated image thumbnails when an image or group is archived or deleted.

System cache

PageSeeder automatically stores the following system files using ehcache .

account-lockoutUsernameFailed sign in attempts info (object)security
client-originsOrigin URLCORS support (boolean)performance
edit-comparisonsEdit IDs + datesDiff between edits (XML)performance
external-faviconsHostFavicons used in URLs (Image)performance
file-inspectionFile pathResult of file inspection (object)performance
group-stateGroup IDDates of latest updates (object)performance
membership-etagsMember IDEtag (long)performance
profile-picturesMember IDProfile picture (image)performance
publication-tocsPublication ID + host (+ version)Table of Contents of publications
reset-password-lockoutEmailFailed sign in attempts info (object)security
url-hostsHostDate last checked (long)performance
url-metadataHostMetadata (object)performance
user-detailsMember IDGroup flags (object)performance
validation-resultsGroup ID + URI IDSchematron validation results (object)performance
webhook-eventsEvent IDWebhook events (object)performance
webhook-failed-jobsJob IDWebhooks failed jobs (object)performance
webhook-jobsJob IDWebhooks jobs (object)performance
xml-documentsGroup ID + URI IDPSML content (object)performance

Manually modifying or deleting these files might corrupt your system.

Use the Server status > Caching page in the system administration to view and manage the cache contents.

API services

The following services let you manage the cache more effectively:

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