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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Which version of Java

Java version

From version 5.92, PageSeeder no longer supports Java 7 and requires Java 8 (aka 1.8).

From version 6.00, PageSeeder no longer supports Java 8 and requires Java 11 (and less than Java 15).

PageSeederJava MinimumJava Recommended


PageSeeder doesn’t currently require the JDK and can run on the JRE alone.

However, JVM monitoring and tools commonly required for servers are only available in the JDK or the Server JRE (since Java 7 only).

Recommendation: JRE, Server JRE or JDK

JVM implementation

PageSeeder has been tested on both the OpenJDK and Oracle’s.

The code base is mostly shared between these JVM. Oracle’s JVM includes commercial features which are subject to different license agreements.

Recommendation: OpenJDK or Oracle (check license agreement)

Java SE or EE

Java SE (Standard Edition) is sufficient.

The Java EE (Enterprise Edition) contains many more tools and libraries which are not required to run PageSeeder as  PageSeeder already includes required libraries necessary to run.

Recommendation: Java SE

32-bit or 64-bit JVM

For small servers where Java is expected to use up to 2GB of heap memory (-Xmx2048M or less), a 32-bit JVM generally performs better.

For larger production servers, the 64-bit JVM provides a larger address space that allows 64-bit machines to take advantages of more RAM. Be aware that a 64-bit JVM also requires more RAM and causes longer garbage collection pauses.

Recommendation: 32-bit for small servers, 64-bit for large servers.

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