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Handling and managing documents

Shared documents


Shared documents can be used to share comments, edits and cross-references (xrefs) between multiple groups. These terms are used in the following diagrams:

  • shared document – a document viewable by more than one group.
  • owner group – the owner (default) group for a document is the group it was created in. The name of this group always appears in the first part of the document’s path. In the following document path, the owner group is acme-specs.


You cannot share individual documents, only folders. When you share a folder, the folder and all its descendants are shared automatically.

  • sharing group – the sharing group for a document is the group which is not the owner but has access to the document’s path in its group folders. To share a document to a group, a project manager or administrator must share its parent or ancestor folder to that group (the folder becomes a group folder shared to the group). To share the document in the previous example would require sharing the following folder:


It is not recommended to share a document to more than 20 groups as this might have an impact on server performance. After every change, the document is re-indexed in all sharing groups.

Comments with document shared to a group

Comments with documents shared to a group

Edits with document shared to a group

Edits with document shared to a group

When sharing, there is an option to allow Group B to edit the shared documents. The default is no editing in sharing group.

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