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Label configuration


This file contains the configuration files for the labels used in the project.

To access the user interface for this information, click the current project – the first value to the right of the “Home icon, on the horizontal menu bar.

File content

This file determines which labels are available through the user interface. Labels that have been imported as part of a document are visible and able to be processed, but unless they have been included in this file, they are not available through the interface.

Note the difference between object labels and content labels.

<label-config scope="server" template="groupname">
  <labels type="upload"></labels>
  <labels type="xref"></labels>
  <labels type="version"></labels>
  <labels type="content-block"></labels>  
  <labels type="content-inline">
    <label name="service" description="the name of the service"/>
    <label name="data_model" description="the UML model"/>
    <label name="param" description="API parameters"/>
  <labels type="document"></labels>
  <labels type="creation"></labels>
  <labels type="edit-note"></labels>
  <labels type="workflow"></labels>
  <labels type="comment">
    <label name="ack" description="acknowledgement"/>
    <label name="negative-vote" description="a vote against"/>
    <label name="positive-vote" description="a vote for"/>
  <labels type="fragment">
    <label name="func-exist" description="Existing function"/>
    <label name="func-plan" description="planned functionality"/>
    <label name="priority-1" description="Priority 1"/>
    <label name="priority-2" description="Priority 2"/>
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