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The list of reverse cross-references at the document or fragment level.

This element is informational - ignored by upload.

Usage context

Element categorymetadata
PSML levelmetadata
Permitted content<reversexref>
Permitted parent<documentinfo> <locator>
HTML equivalentno equivalent
OpenXML equivalentno equivalent
PSStandard equivalent


This element includes the following attributes

limitreachedbooleannoWhether the maxReverseXRefs limit has been reached.


This flag is used to indicate whether the maximum number of reverse cross references that can be displayed has been reached. This limit can be controlled in PageSeeder using the maxReverseXRefs.

When set to true, the list of reverse cross-references is incomplete and limited to the value of maxReverseXRefs.


When the number reverse cross references exceed the maximum allowed, there is no guarantee that the same set of reverse xrefs will be selected.



XML Schema

<xs:element name="reversexrefs">
         <xs:element ref="reversexref" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
      <xs:attribute name="limitreached" type="xs:boolean" use="optional" default="false"/>

Relax Schema

element reversexrefs {
   attribute limitreached { xs:boolean }?,
   element reversexref+


This element was introduced in the first draft of PSML and is well supported from PageSeeder 5.1.

See also

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