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A complete reference of PageSeeder's markup language PSML



The version this document is being compared to. Only appears when comparing documents, for example, using the Ant task:

<ps:export ... compareto="1.0"/>

Contains the title, description and labels of the document for this version.

INFORMATIONAL - ignored by upload.

Usage context

Element category
PSML levelprocessed
Permitted content<title> <description> <labels> <metadata> <structure>
Permitted parent<documentinfo>
HTML equivalentno equivalent
OpenXML equivalentno equivalent
PSStandard equivalent


This element includes the following attributes:

datexs:dateTimenoThe creation date of the version
versionxs:stringnoThe name of the version or Original
dociddocument-idnoThe document ID of the version


The creation date of the version in ISO 8601 date time format.


The name of the version. If that version corresponds to the original document, then this value is Original


The document ID of the version.


<compareto version="1.0" date="2013-04-23T11:18:10+10:00">
  <title>Old title</title>
  <description>Old description</description>


XML Schema

<xs:element name="compareto">
      <xs:element  name="title" type="xs:string" minOccurs="0"/>
      <xs:element name="description"
      <xs:element  ref="labels" minOccurs="0"/>
      <xs:element ref="metadata" minOccurs="0"/>
      <xs:element ref="structure" minOccurs="0"/> 
    <xs:attribute name="version" type="xs:string"/>
    <xs:attribute  name="date" type="xs:dateTime"/>

Relax Schema

element compareto {
   attribute version { text}?,
   attribute date { xs:dateTime }?,
   element title { text }?,
   element description { text }?,
   element labels?,
   element metadata?,
   element structure?


This element was introduced in PSML Beta 7 and is only supported from PageSeeder 5.6.

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