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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

references document type

PageSeeder comes pre-configured with two document types. default is a simple, general-purpose document structure for use in many different circumstances. The other type, references, is more specialized. It has been designed to represent a book structure, with front matter, a table of contents and then a collection of documents.

The first section comes configured with a standard rich text editor. However, the second section in the document uses the psxreflist editor.

This editor simplifies the task of creating a document that is primarily a collection of cross references to act like a 'binder' or 'publication'. This is similar to a Microsoft Word master document, a FrameMaker Book or a DITA Map.

The xref editor has a concept of indents, that allows heading levels to be adjusted when published. For example, if a document begins with a heading 1 but the link to that document has been indented two levels, when the references document is published, the heading 1 will become a heading 3. This allows documents to be used in multiple structural positions without the writer have to anticipate them in advance.


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