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A single member details field.

Fields have a unique position within the member details; the first field has the position 1.

The text value of the <field> element is the value of the field. The value of the field cannot exceed 100 characters.

Usage context

Permitted contenttext
Permitted parent<details>


This element includes the following attributes:

editablexs:booleannoWhether this field can be edited
namexs:stringyesThe name for this field
positionxs:intyesThe position of the field from 1 to 15
titlexs:stringnoAn optional title as an alternative to the name
typexs:stringnoAn optional type


This attribute indicates whether members can edit this field in the user interface.


The attribute provides a name for the field so that it can be referenced using a string value rather than a position. It must be unique within the set of fields and is based on the member details configuration.

The name can be changed in the details configuration without affecting the underlying field values.


This attribute provides a unique 1-based position for the field. The maximum value for this attribute is 15 and member details can include up to 15 fields.


This optional attribute provides a title for the field. The title is used in the user interface as an alternative to the name.


The data type of the field.



XML Schema

<xs:element name="field" type="details-field"/>

<xs:complexType name="details-field" >
    <xs:extension base="xs:string">
      <xs:attribute name="editable" type="boolean"        use="required"/>
      <xs:attribute name="name"     type="xs:string"      use="required"/> 
      <xs:attribute name="position" type="field-position" use="required"/>
      <xs:attribute name="title"    type="xs:string"/> 
      <xs:attribute name="type"     type="xs:string"/> 

<xs:simpleType name="field-position">
  <xs:restriction base="xs:int">
    <xs:minInclusive value="1"/>
    <xs:maxInclusive value="15"/>

Relax Schema

element field {
   attribute editable { xs:boolean },
   attribute name     { text },
   attribute position { xs:int },
   attribute title    { text }?,
   attribute type     { text }?


No change since initial API release.

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