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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


Subgroups allow all the members of one group to be added to another group (the supergroup) with one action, as if it was an individual member.

Adding and removing multiple individuals to groups can be tedious, therefore prone to errors. Creating subgroups for different teams can reduce the chance of errors. Options for members of a subgroup are either:

  • Inherit the same roles and preferences as the subgroup (except moderator becomes manager and moderator & approver becomes approver); or
  • Override existing roles and preferences in the subgroup.

If a user is a member of multiple subgroups then:

  • The role with the highest permissions is used.
  • The notification with the highest frequency is displayed, however, all notifications are applied (for example, a member could receive both normal (immediate) and daily (digest) notification.
  • The member’s email is displayed to other members if it is displayed in at least one subgroup.

If a user is also a member of the supergroup, then that role and preferences override any in the subgroups.

Member details fields from subgroups are only displayed if they have the same details type name as that of the supergroup, the same owner, and the details configuration file has the shared="true"attribute.

Adding a subgroup

Manage members – Add subgroup

Add subgroup modal

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