A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


The critical point to remember is that subgroup is short for “subscription group”.

The purpose of subgroups is to manage membership, not to create a hierarchy of groups.

Subgroups allow all the members of one group to be added to, or removed from, another group (the supergroup) with a single action.

An example use case for this feature is the review of documents by different teams. In the event of a multi-part tender response, with each component requiring detailed review by teams with legal, technical and management focus.

In this circumstance, adding and removing individuals to each document group could be tedious and subject to mistakes. By using subgroups for each specialty team, adding and removing members could be done quickly and consistently.

Through the user interface, members of the subgroup can either:

  • Inherit the same roles and preferences in the new group; or
  • Existing roles can be overridden by the new group.


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