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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Server message

A server message is a global message that an administrator can enter in the administrator dashboard for display on all pages on the server. It is generally used to notify ALL users currently logged into that particular PageSeeder server of an imminent server wide event, such as an upgrade or restart.

A server message is NOT an email message – it displays above the header bar in any page.

Administrator submits server message

Administrators go to the dashboard to set the server message to display.

Administrator dashboard – setting server message

When a server message is already set, the buttons available to the administrator are Update to change the message and Clear to stop displaying the server message to users.

Server message displayed to all users

When the server message is active, it is displayed to all users on all screens above the header bar in any page. Users can hide the message by clicking the icon.

Active server message

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