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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


An option or setting which allows content to be replaced during an upload operation.

Document upload

When uploading documents that have the same path as existing documents (matching filename and folder), PageSeeder flags these documents as overwrites in the upload document dialog, so that you know which documents will be updated.

If you proceed with the upload, the content of these documents is automatically updated.

When you overwrite PSML documents, every fragment content that has changed is replaced and marked as edits so you can see what the previous content was in the document history.

When you overwrite non-PSML documents, their content is completely replaced by the uploaded file.

When you overwrite a non-PSML file, the previous content is not recoverable because PageSeeder doesn’t keep a copy of the original content.

The document information (title, docid, publication id/type, description, labels) isn’t updated by default. If you want to also update the document information, click the Overwrite metadata and document properties option.

In the API, the options to overwrite and also overwrite the document information are specified using the overwrite and overwrite-properties of the loading zone start service.

Image upload

By default, PageSeeder warns users when they try to upload an image to a document that would replace an existing image that has the same filename in the same folder.

When editing, the Overwrite option is available when using the Upload option in the image dialog. When enabled, the uploaded image replaces any existing image without warning.

Protected sections

Sections in PSML documents can be protected from changes during upload by setting the overwrite attribute to false on the <section> element.

For example:

<section id="protected" overwrite="false">
  <!-- Content here is preserved during upload -->

When a document is uploaded over an existing document, PageSeeder checks the structure of the existing document for protected sections. If the uploaded document contains the same section, the content within the protected section of the existing document is preserved and is not affected by the upload.

Protected sections are useful in cases when documents include content that might be updated outside PageSeeder and content that is maintained by an editor within PageSeeder.

It’s possible to remove the section protection by uploading the same document with the section’s  overwrite attribute set to true.

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