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How to display an image thumbnail for a document

Skills required:None
Time required:15
Intended audience:Developer


PageSeeder can display a thumbnail of the first image in a document in place of the usual file icon in search results and xref lookups. By the end of this tutorial, you gain the ability to configure PageSeeder so that the thumbnail is displayed instead of the standard icon.


To display a thumbnail in place of the icon, PageSeeder must know which document type this applies to.

This can be configured in the

Go to the developer tools for the project;

Browse the project files and edit the;

If it doesn’t exist, create a file in the config folder of the project;

Add/edit the property featuredImageDocumentTypes so that the applicable document types are listed separated by a comma.


To display the film poster cover of a document type 'movie_information' in the 'movie' project, ensure that the file:


contains the following line:


Limitations and troubleshooting

In order for this to work, ensure that:

  • The applicable documents have a document type (e.g. 'movie_information');
  • The applicable documents contain at least one graphic, that is an image document in PageSeeder (must be either PNG, JPG, or GIF);
  • The graphic reference is using the permalink URL (i.e. starting with /uri/);
  • Only the first image is used;
  • The XSLT Cache must be reloaded (Reload icon in the developer actions – top left in developer perspective).
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