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How to create a new document type

Skills requiredXML
Time required (minutes)15
Intended audienceDeveloper


Document types are a key concept in how PageSeeder represents and validates structured text. 

This tutorial shows how to setup a custom document type. It is aimed at developers but could be of interest to analysts or technical writers.


No additional software is required, however users must have a role of administrator on the PageSeeder server.


Switch to the developer perspective


The Developer tab will now become visible. Hover over it and click on 'Document config'.




Click on 'Create document type'. A box will popup asking for entry of the name of the document type that is to be created. For the purpose of this tutorial we will call the document type 'movie_information'.


Press Create to be directed to the screen below. A document-template.psml file will need to be created next, otherwise the document type will not save. Click on the first 5.PNGicon to create a document template.


Click on the first line of the document-template.psml file and hit the space bar. This will allow the generic file to be saved and it can be modified later.


After clicking save, the new document type 'movie_information' will display on the document types screen.


It can now be selected when creating a new document.


Once this has been completed, see next tutorial: How to create a properties fragment.

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