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How to constrain new documents to a specific location or naming rules

Skills required:XML
Time required:15
Intended audience:Developer


This tutorial explains how to configure PageSeeder so that any new documents of a specific document type conform to rules that specify where the document must be stored and what it must be named.

Using this capability reduces the amount of learning necessary for new users, plus improves the data quality and user productivity.



The rules that determine where PageSeeder stores documents are stored in the following file in the project:


Under the Dev tab of the Developer perspective, select 'Document config' then either 'Create document type' or edit the document-config.xml file for the appropriate type;

Add the name of the appropriate document-type to the <creation> element;

Edit or add the <folder> element so that it contains the path to the folder where files of that type are created.


Insert the configuration specific to your document similar to the following example. This ensures that all files of type ‘movie_information’ in your ‘movie_database’ project are created in your /documents/films folder.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <folder context="/documents/films" />    

Input and output:

Fig. 1

File document-config.xml


Fig. 2

Create a new document


Extra document fields can be added by entering the following in the document-template.psml:
<t:param name="opening_date" title="Opening Date" type="text" />
The opening date is automatically populated upon pressing submit (see Fig. 5)

Fig. 3

Document is created inside 'films' folder as per <folder> element


Fig. 4

Document is titled as per <document> element.


Fig. 5

Document view


Refer to the article on the <creation> element for more information.

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