A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Reverse cross reference

A reverse cross reference (or reverse XRef) corresponds to the link going from a target document back to the source document in a bidirectional link.

In PageSeeder, cross references can be bidirectional so that it is possible for target documents to know what documents link to them.

Reverse Xrefs can have a type and title which are different from that of the forward link. Generally the reverse type is "None" and the reverse title refers to the source document.

In PageSeeder PSML (PageSeeder Markup Language), reverse XRefs can be expressed using the <reversexref> element:

<reversexref ... title="Origin" type="None" />


The source document refers to the document containing the original cross reference in its content. The target document refers to the document being pointed at.

Reverse cross references are bidirectional by definition. The forward direction refers to the reference from the source to the target. The reverse direction refers to the reference from the target back to the source.

In the context of a reverse XRef, the source document is the other document, and the target is this document.

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