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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

File size

Size in bytes of PageSeeder documents.

PSML documents

PageSeeder doesn’t index or record the file size of PSML documents.

However, when uploading documents, although there are no hard and fast rules for the ideal file size, keeping to the following recommendations ensures that documents are smoothly processable in different contexts.

XML processors

PSML documents are XML documents, so the general guidelines for XML apply. PageSeeder relies on various types of XML processors and the PSML might also be processed externally, so it is important to bear in mind the following:

  • Content with no or few line breaks might be difficult to handle by processors that break down the code per line – this is mostly true for text editors.
  • Indentation and comments increase the file size but have little real impact in terms of processing.
  • Markup density has a greater impact on processing, especially when the content is processed as a tree structure. In other words, it is easier to process content that is mostly plain text.

PSML file size

As a rule of thumb, for typical PSML content with regular line breaks, minimal indentation and average markup density:

  • Any PSML file that is larger than 500K is likely to cause problems at some point.
  • Keeping a PSML document under 200K or even 10K is a good idea.

The size of individual fragments also matters, especially if editing or diffing is involved.

  • The smallest fragment is a paragraph.
  • Fit fragment content within a full window height of a desktop.

Diffing changes might not work on large fragments.

Other documents

Non-PSML documents are stored as binary documents and are only processed by the PageSeeder indexer.

Large Word or PDF documents (over 100Mb) might be slow to index.

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