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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


Berlioz is an open source Java library, written by the PageSeeder team to provide a simple developer framework that uses URI template notation to allocate services and XSLT for serving XML to the web as HTML. Although Berlioz can be used to serve any type of XML, it comes with native support for processing PageSeeder Markup Language (PSML) and includes the following infrastructure:

  • Support for frontend development using frameworks such as Foundation, Bootstrap or other.
  • Lucene support for full-text indexing and search, faceted browsing or as a NoSQL repository.
  • Simple connection to PageSeeder for secure access or personalization.
  • XSLT support for dynamic delivery of data.
  • Administration, caching and analytic tools.
  • Standalone solution, but with straightforward binding to PageSeeder for editing and workflow.

The Berlioz design objectives are:

  • High performance delivery of XML as HTML.
  • Leverage XSLT as a proven, well-supported, transformation technology.
  • Simplicity over comprehensiveness.

The Berlioz project is hosted on Github code at: 

More information can be found on Berlioz and URI templates on our open source portal at

The API documentation for Berlioz is also available here: Berlioz API.

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