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 Version 5

Legacy documentation for PageSeeder v5

Servlet: MoveURIs


This servlet has been removed as of PageSeeder v6. Use services instead.

Handles moving URIs and Group URIs to new paths.

HTTP method: GET

Returns a form for specifying HTTP parameters used by POST method.

HTTP method: POST

Actually performs the move operation.

HTTP parameters

schemeOldThe scheme for the existing URIs (e.g. http, https)yesscheme
hostOldThe host for the existing URIs (e.g. http, https)yeshost
portOldThe port for the existing URIs (e.g. http, https)yesport
pathOldThe path prefix for the existing URIs (e.g. /ps/acme/demo/)yespath
schemeNewThe scheme for the new URIs (e.g. http, https)yesscheme
hostNewThe host for the new URIs (e.g. http, https)yeshost
portNewThe port for the new URIs (e.g. http, https)yesport
pathNewThe path prefix for the new URIs (e.g. /ps/xyz/demo/)yespath
change_gurisAlso modify GroupURIs in the same way as URIsnoyes|nono
addGroupsIf one or more group names specified, add all XLinks for URIs to these groupsnostring
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