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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Resolve references

To ensure the integrity of xrefs, when an xref is created. PageSeeder checks that the target document exists. If it does. then the xref is considered resolved. Otherwise, it is considered unresolved, and is displayed in red.

This can happen if the target document is deleted or the Resolve references option is unticked when uploading.

Unresolved xrefs can be resolved by:

  1. Editing the fragment containing the xref.
  2. Resolving references on the folder containing the source document.
  3. Resolving references on the group.
  4. Unarchiving a document or folder.

Once an image, link or double-ended xref is resolved, a reverse xref is displayed on the target image, URL or document. It is useful to unresolve references when archiving documents so that the targets are not cluttered with broken reverse xrefs pointing to archived documents.

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