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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

References check

Is a feature that processes all xrefs originating from the document open when it is invoked.

The purpose of the references check is to show the link destinations to debug publishing or export problems that can occur when an xref refers to an object outside the folder path being exported, for example. Or, a check can show if a document is referring to an object in a different group.

Ambiguous xrefs

Of particular use is the ability of the references check to find ambiguous xrefs. These occur when a target object has been referred to multiple times from different levels in the publication hierarchy. When processing ambiguous xrefs, the system applies the following priorities:

  • Embedded xrefs are prioritized over transclude xrefs when processing an ambiguous target,
  • If a sub-hierarchy containing both the source and target can be found and processed without ambiguity, it works for references further up the hierarchy.

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