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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


The omnibox is the search box that appears to the right of the group name in the navigation and can be used to search any PageSeeder item within that group.


The following switches can be used after the search terms to narrow the search:

/comment or /c = comments
/task or /t = tasks
/image or /i = images
/document or /d = documents
/ps = PageSeeder documents
/folder or /f = folders
/pdf = PDF Documents
/word or /w = Word documents
/excel or /x = Excel documents
/docx = Word 2007 documents
/xlsx = Excel 2007 documents
/office = Office documents
/audio = audio documents
/video = video documents

Also, when more than 10 matches are possible in the result, the search box result listing displays:
“Only top 10 results shown”.

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