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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Media icon

Icon that helps you identify the media type of a file or document quickly.

To identify the media type of a document quickly, PageSeeder uses a consistent set of icons.

Multiple media types might share the same icon. For example, all images use the same icon regardless of the actual file format. This is usually because they are treated in the same manner by PageSeeder.

The following table shows the icons based on the file extension.

.xmlXML document
.psmlPSML document
.pdfPDF document
File using a known compression format
Image file
JavaScript or JSON file
MathML or Latex file
Schematron or XML schema file
Microsoft Word document
Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
.cssCSS file
Video streaming file
Audio file
Text or markdown file
Properties file
.htmlHTML document

XML is a common markup language used by many media types. PageSeeder marks as XML any document that uses XML, but it is not processed differently by PageSeeder.

PageSeeder identifies a file as an image, audio, or video type based on the corresponding media type. But since web browsers support different coding formats, it doesn’t mean that PageSeeder is able to process or display it.

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