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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


A simple, lightweight text-based language for formatting documents.

PageSeeder supports Markdown in both comments and document properties, including.

In the examples below a full stop character '.' is used to represent the space character.

Block formatting



Main title

Title is formatted as heading1 when a paragraph is followed by a line of '=' characters.


A subtitle

Subtitle is formatted as heading2 when a paragraph is followed by a line of '-' characters.


# Heading 1
## Heading 2
more text
###### Heading 6

To express a hierarchical collection of headings, prefix single line paragraphs with between one '#' to six '######' characters.

Unordered list (bullet list)

* Red
* Blue

Unordered list items are preceded by a single '*', '-' or '+'. All paragraphs that follow the list item are treated as additional items until the occurrence of a blank line terminates the list. Nested (multi-level) lists are not supported.

Ordered list (Numbered list)

3. Red
21. Blue

after processing, this will become:

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Aqua


<nlist start="3">

Ordered list items are initiated by a new paragraph that begins with a digit and a full stop '.' character. Each subsequent paragraph becomes a new list item, until a blank line terminates the list. Nested (multi-level) lists are not supported.

Only the number in front of the first paragraph is processed. It sets the starting number and all others are ignored.

To prevent a line from being treated as a list item, prefix the full stop character with a backslash '\' , like the following:

 3\.  Red
21\. Blue


....function () {
......// do something!

When at least four spaces precede the start of a line, indentation is preserved but no further formatting is available.

Preformatted block

function () {
  // do something!

This string ``` on an empty line, will treat all subsequent lines as preformatted until the same string terminates that style.


> First paragraph
> Second paragraph.

Any line preceded by at least one '>'. No other formatting within quoted content.


Start of paragraph 1
text text text...
end of paragraph 1.

Paragraph 2.

Paragraphs are blocks of text separated by at least one empty line.

Line breaks

Short text.
More text.

Any line of less than 66 characters long inserts a line break inside a paragraph. Multiple empty lines also add line breaks outside paragraphs.

Inline formatting

Inline formatting only apply to paragraphs, headings and lists.



An **important** note

Any inline text surrounded by double '*' appears in bold.


An *important* note

Any inline text surrounded by single '*' appears in italics.


Any inline text surrounded by single left quotes '`' is interpreted as code and displayed using a monospace font.



Any text starting with 'http://' or 'https://' will be automatically turned into link. The link is displayed verbatim but must end with a letter or number.

Explicit link


To explicitly create a link that may include characters to be escaped or for email addresses. Must start with 'http://', 'https://' or 'mailto:'. The protocol is not displayed in the document.

Titled link


To display a different title, wrap the title in square brackets immediately before the address in round brackets.

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