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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


PageSeeder is available under more than one license. What follows is the non-legal explanation of the different options.


A complete, fully functional license that is constrained to the localhost and [x].localhost addresses. Anything developed with this license can run, without modification, on a production server. A developer license is capable of modifying and testing the configuration files collectively known as the Organization customization.


Provides complete functionality, including Organization customization configuration files, and it isn’t limited to localhost. The evaluation license is typically limited to a 90 day period. A server running on an eval license can be updated to a Standard license without requiring any change to the software.
To get an evaluation license click here .


A complete, permanent license that doesn’t include support for Organization customization configuration files and requires a valid URL to generate a license.


Anytime Allette Systems manages PageSeeder on a user’s behalf, they gain indemnification against any terms and conditions of the software agreement. Although, all end users are bound by the PageSeeder user agreement. This requires, for example, that users won’t use the software to conduct illegal activities.

Service provider

This license allows users to re-brand many aspects of PageSeeder, including the ability to change logos and colors on the user interface and email messages. This is done through Organization customization configuration files.


For partners that want access to the PageSeeder code for deep integration or modification – includes long-term escrow of the source code.

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