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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


A two-step process to add someone to a group by sending them an invitation email – then they must confirm acceptance.

Until the invited person accepts the invitation, they are listed with status invited under member administration for the group. They don’t receive notification and cannot go to the group.

See member management for more details.

Invitation flow

  1. A manager invites a person to join a specific group by entering their details:
    1. If the person they invited already has an account, PageSeeder sends a group invitation.
    2. Otherwise, a new account is created, and PageSeeder sends the group invitation which includes a link to get started on PageSeeder.
  2. The person that has been invited, receives the invitation:
    1. If they accept the invitation, they are added to the group.
    2. If they decline the invitation, the membership is deleted.

If the person never declines the invitation, the invitation remains pending. If a new account was created on invite, and the invitation is declined, the account remains.


In the API, invitations are represented with the <membership> element with the status set to invited.

Administrators can accept an invitation on behalf of a user by going to the account profile page for that user.

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