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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Client ID

A unique identifier for an OAuth client.

The Client ID is 64-bit random value assigned by PageSeeder when the client is registered.

It is also possible to set the Client ID. It might be necessary if an external app has already been configured with a specific Client ID such as when creating preconfigured environment or when migrating system.

The Client ID is a 16-character long hexadecimal number. To make it easier to read, it is generally formatted using uppercase letters and with a space every four characters.

For example: 3A5F 4B16 873F 7FA2

Client ID and internal ID

OAuth clients have two IDs assigned by PageSeeder when they are created:

  • The internal client ID – is an immutable integer that PageSeeder assigns to all objects (members, groups, etc.)
  • The Client ID – is a public mutable identifier defined by OAuth to uniquely identify apps in the context of OAuth.

Use the internal ID or the Client ID (prefixed by ~) when making the PageSeeder API with {client} URL parameter, for example /ps/api/oauth/members/45/clients/123.json. or /ps/api/oauth/members/45/clients/~3a5f4b16873f7fa2.json.

Use the Client ID in OAuth flows with the query parameter client_id, for example client_id=3a5f4b16873f7fa2 (use the lower case format with no space in that case).

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