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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

action icons

These action icons are no longer used in the PageSeeder v6 user interface.

Action icons are shortcuts that change depending on context and perspective. When holding the cursor over an action icon, its function is displayed.

For examples of where action icons can be found, scroll down.

When viewing the interface in the project context

createanewgroupunderthisproject.PNG– Create a new group under this project


When viewing the interface in the group context

postanewcommenttothisgroup.PNG– Post a new comment to this group

createanewtaskinthisgroup.PNG– Create a new task in this group

createanewdocumentinthisgroup.PNG– Create a new document in this group

uploadadocumenttothisgroup.PNG– Upload a document to this group

exportallgroupdocuments.PNG– Export this group (all group documents)


When viewing the interface in the document context

movethisdocument.PNG– Move this document

archivethisdocument.PNG– Archive this document

deletethisdocument.PNG– Delete this document

downloadthisdocument.PNG– Download this document

publishthisdocument.PNG– Publish this document

exportthisdocument.PNG– Export this document

When editing a document

editthisfragment.PNG– Edit this fragment

editthesourceoffragment.PNG– Edit the source of fragment (Developer perspective only)

viewchangehistory.PNG– View change history

insertyourcommentorattachment.PNG– Insert your comment or attachment

addanewfragment.PNG– Add a new fragment

deletethisfragment.PNG– Delete this fragment


When using developer perspective

reloadthispageanddiscardxsltcache.PNG– Reload this page and discard XSLT cache

unbundlescriptsandstyles.PNG– Unbundle scripts and styles

displaytheunderlyingformat.PNG– Display the underlying format XML used to generate this page

displaytheunderlyingdata.PNG– Display the underlying data XML used to generate this page

displaytheindexxml.PNG– Display the index XML (for documents only)

displaythexsltparameters.PNG– Display the XSLT parameters for this page


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