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September, 2019

PageSeeder is an enterprise-grade, document collaboration platform. For general information, see . To see the latest features, check out the release notes. Stay tuned for our version 6.0 release later in 2019. See below for a preview of the complete re-engineering of the PageSeeder interface.

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Also, see the latest documentation  for our Berlioz web framework. Berlioz is free and open source technology that has been under continual development and testing for many years. Often deployed on the small, fast and robust Jetty server, Berlioz is a great companion to PageSeeder, but it has always been designed with arbitrary XML in mind. For developers that need a simple, fast and robust way to serve XML to unmodified web browsers, Berlioz may be what you are looking for. Built on lightweight, distribution-friendly components, Berlioz is a great way to distribute searchable websites for use inside or outside the firewall, see this working example .

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