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January 2023 — PageSeeder v6.0 has been released. This version is the culmination of rewriting or updating almost every component in the application, and it features many improvements. For a complete list of changes, view the 5.99xx and

At present, we are actively seeking users interested in running PageSeeder as a container application using Kubernetes. If this is of interest, please contact us at general_info at Likewise, if you would have any interest in running PageSeeder with Postgres instead MySQL.

search interface

The new Search interface improves the ability to filter, group and sort results according to document type or other properties

process search results

Search results support document preview and more, such as the ability to validate or process results.

PageSeeder search and replace interface

The new search and replace interface is elegant and productive.

Also, see the latest documentation  for our Berlioz web framework or check out our Simple  site builder. Simple provides a straightforward, secure web interface for PageSeeder documents and creates opportunities for content branding that are not available through the native PageSeeder environment.

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