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 Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

Web service API

Using a REST architectural style,  the Web service API exposes much of the PageSeeder functionality to external applications.

These services are a generator, mapped to a specific URL pattern, with a predetermined configuration. Each service has a page with appropriate developer information, including:

  • URL
  • Status
  • Function
  • Parameters
  • Output
  • Errors

Additional information

The following information will help developers new to PageSeeder.

List of Elements

Follow this link for a documented list of elements used in the services.

Error handling

To make reporting fast and consistent, error handling in services has been standardized, see error codes for details.

Datatypes and parameters

These articles on datatypes and parameters provide information regarding conventions for consistent use.  


Most PageSeeder services return the same objects. For further information on how the output is produced, see output.

Servlet API

The coverage of PageSeeder services is steadily increasing and the servlet API continues to be deprecated. With the release of version 5.9, the majority of the PageSeeder functionality was available through services. With version 6.0, the servlet API is no longer available. Any installation still using servlets is urged to upgrade. See the release notes for or details regarding the services.

We no longer recommend the use of servlets by developers but further information is available in the servlets reference material.


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