Member details configuration


This file is used to configure the details that can be associated to a group member.


Each group membership can defined up to 15 custom fields. These fields can be used to store additional information about the group membership.

This file can be used to control which fields can be edited by the group member and who is allowed to view these fields.


Details field are associated with the group membership not the user directly. So each group can get its own set of fields.



When editing this config file in PageSeeder pressing ctrl-space will display autocomplete options to make editing easier.


Detail field definition

The table below describes the list of attributes for each detail field. By default the fields in the details form are 100 characters long.


The position of the field and must be an integer between 1 and 15. It is required.


A name for the the field and can only contain letters and numbers. It is required.


A user friendly name to display adjacent the form fields or as a header for tables.


Determines who is allowed to see the field value. Possible values are "group", "member" and "manager". Default "manager".


A boolean flag ("true" or "false") determines whether the field is editable by the member via the user interface. Default "false".


Determines the form field in the user interface. The default layout supports "text" and "date" but other types could be supported. Default "text".

Shared details

The details configuration can be shared with other groups with the same owner and the same details name. To enable this feature, simply set the @shared attribute on the <document> element to "true".

Sample XML

Here is a sample configuration file.

<member-details shared="true">
   <field position="1" name="org"   title="Organization" editable="true"
             visibility="group" type="text" />
   <field position="2" name="joined" title="Joined organization" editable="true"
             visibility="group" type="date" />
   <field position="3" name="tel"     title="Telephone"  editable="true"
   <field position="4" name="code"    title="Code"       editable="false"

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