Label template folder


This folder contains the configuration files for the labels used in the project.

The actual label configuration can be found in the following file:


File content

This file determines which labels are available through the user interface. Labels that have been imported as part of a document will be visible and able to be processed but unless they have been included in this file, they will not be available through the interface.

<label-config scope="server" template="groupname">
  <labels type="upload">
  <labels type="xref">
  <labels type="version">
  <labels type="content-block">
  <labels type="content-inline">
      <label name="service" description="the name of the service"/>
      <label name="data_model" description="the UML model"/>
      <label name="param" description="API parameters"/>
  <labels type="document"> 
  <labels type="creation">
  <labels type="edit-note">
  <labels type="workflow">
  <labels type="comment">
      <label name="ack" description="acknowledgement"/>
      <label name="negative-vote" description="a vote against"/>
      <label name="positive-vote" description="a vote for"/>
  <labels type="fragment">
      <label name="func-exist" description="Existing function"/>
      <label name="func-plan" description="planned functionality"/>
      <label name="priority-1" description="Priority 1"/>
      <label name="priority-2" description="Priority 2"/>

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