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Generator: GetFooter

Class name:org.weborganic.bastille.web.GetFooter
Version:0.6.5 - 31 May 2010


This generator returns the XML for the Footer.

This generator as been deprecated in Bastille 0.8.0. To achieve a similar functionality use GetConfigFile instead.


 The footer is defined at the PageSeeder level using the website properties. When the website is published the path to the file to use for the footer is stored in /WEB-INF/conf/template-config.prp as the footer property.

There is no reason to modify this file directly as it could be overridden when the Website is published again.


This generator does not require any parameter.

The following optional parameter can be used: 

reload-conf-propertiesReloads the properties where the path to the website footer, header and navigation is stored in case the website has been re-published by PageSeeder.

Returned XML

This generator return the content of the footer file.

The content is wrapped in:

<template-file name="[footer-filename]" status="ok">

   <!-- Content of the template file -->

 </template-file >

Generally, the footer is a PageSeeder standard document, and would follow the format below: 


   <!-- metadata for the document -->
   <ps:documentInfo edit="true"> ... </ps:documentInfo>

   <!-- for each document section -->
   <section id="[id]"> ... </section>


Refer to the PageSeeder developer Website for more information about the PageSeeder standard format. 


To use this generator in Berlioz (in /WEB-INF/config/services.xml):

<generator class="org.weborganic.bastille.web.GetFooter" 
            name="[name]" target="[target]"/>
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